Why FireTrackers?


Discovering the cause of a fire or explosion requires quick action. Unfortunately, the aftermath of such an incident is often chaotic. Important evidence can be lost or destroyed by weather, cleanup operations, or simply the passage of time.

Dealing with loss of life and property is a wrenching experience for all involved, but learning the root cause of the incident is essential for prevention and recovery—especially for legal and insurance considerations. Many questions need to be answered, including:

  • What was the origin of the fire/ explosion?
  • Was the cause human error or equipment malfunction?
  • Was arson involved?
  • If the fire was set, what accelerants were used, and where?
  • What safeguards could be used to prevent future incidents?


FireTrackers Offers Many Benefits

EXPERIENCED, LICENSED, CERTIFIED, AND INSURED: FireTrackers is licensed in Texas and New Mexico and carries insurance that exceeds the minimum required.  Mr. Whited is also certified by by the International Association of Arson Investigators with the sought-after Certified Fire Investigator credential, a certification that requires experience.  With over 20 years of experience in the fire service, FireTrackers remains current with changes that occur in our industry through training and teaching.

FINDING THE CAUSE EARLY SAVES MONEY: For insurance companies or legal firms, this could be a two-fold benefit. Accurately determining liability early can prevent unnecessary claims expenditures and/or limit the amount of ongoing liability.

“The cause of” or “because of?”

RAPID RESPONSE TIME: The longer a fire/explosion scene sits, the more likely that evidence will be compromised. In addition, pinpoint detail and thoroughness are needed early to properly identify root cause. FireTrackers gets to the scene early and ensures the integrity of all evidence collected.

K-9 SENSITIVITY INCREASES ACCURACY: FireTrackers has the only private accelerant detection Canine in the Southwest and offers her services to private and public organizations alike. Certified by the American Working Dog Association, K9 Shila’s keen sense of odor detection is sensitive to the parts-per-billion range, beyond the sensitivity of most laboratory equipment. She has found the remains of ignitable liquids as much as a week after the fact – long after they would have dissipated beyond mechanical detection. Accelerant detection canines are the best tool to assist the investigator in locating ignitable liquid residues for collection as evidence.  Their use further reduces costs through minimizing the number of samples that must be collected, transported, analyzed, and stored.

TIMELINESS AND INTEGRITY GUARANTEE: FireTrackers responds to calls as fast as possible, and is known in the industry for impeccable integrity and objectivity.